" Unable to shoot " bug


Am I the only one facing this frustrating bug ?

Very often happens that when I am changing weapon ( f.e. From Toxic grenade to Flamethrower ) I am unable to shoot for like 2 second . I have to be pressing shoot button repeatly to start shooting .

Are devs familiar with this bug ? Any future fixes ? @MacMan

Hyde activating Flamethrower bug

This usually happens because the weapon you are swapping to is still reloading. Happens to me as val all the time.


Yea it happens to any character. Annoying as fk x(


Yeah really annoying. I get that it’s technically not a bug, but… I don’t know, sometimes it seems excessively long.

One example would be Parnell’s Supersoldier ability. You obviously want to get the most out of that ability so (especially when the Monster is at a mid-far range) you’ll constantly be switching between Shotgun and Launcher.

Now, what would be a good perk for this? Capacity? Check.
Reload time? Check.
Damage? Sure, why not.

However it bugs me that Quick Switch should theoretically be one of the best perks as well for Supersoldier because you’d be dealing damage non-stop.

Wrong. By the time you’ll switch to the other weapon, that weapon won’t even have reloaded yet. Effectively making Quick Switch useless in that scenario.
It genuinely takes longer to reload 1 weapon than it takes to empty both weapons’ clips with Supersoldier & Quick Switch.

Another example of this being a huge nuisance is high capacity reload-weapons like Hyde’s Flamethrower and Minigun.
It occurs VERY OFTEN that you might want to quickly pause shooting fire, throw a quick grenade, and then continue shooting fire again.
This goes much slower than it needs to be because when switching to the Toxic Grenade the game assumes you want the Flamethrower to reload in the background, forcing a length reload process that won’t have finished yet by the time you swap back.


Yeah, it’s because the weapon is still technically finishing its reload.


Though, when you switch while it’s reloading in the background, it feels like it takes a little longer to reload when you’ve taken it out.
It doesn’t restart the reload does it? Or am I just a dunce?


And will it be fixed someday in future? Or its the way it meant to be ?


I agree, it feels like it takes longer…but I have a sneaking suspicion that it actually doesn’t. I’ll try to remember to do some time testings next time I start up the game


You da real MVP. I would test it myself but right now I’ve got a pounding headache.


I notice this a lot on Crow. If you switch to Stasis Gun and immediately try to charge a shot, it will sometimes delay a full second before it begins charging. And it doesn’t even need to be shot prior (aka not reloading in the background).

Hyde’s Flamethrower can also act like this. I feel like it’s a bug with weapons that can have their attack button held down.


Maybe add an option to disable weapon reloads in the background. I personally don’t mind it.


there is nothing to fix. it is the way it’s intended.

you should NOT be able to decrease reload time by switching weapons.


No one is talking about decreasing reload time . Read the topic and main post please


As far as I was able to tell, there is no actually increase in reload time. I no sure I was able to replicate the effect too well, but that might just be that when I had a watch I was…watching… that I didn’t perceive the effect

Feel free to conduct your own tests, but I’m calling it for me, its just a trick of perception. We’re used to switching back when our weapon is fully reloaded, and if you switch to soon you’ll be fooled


If you don’t tell it to reload, and you’ve expended some (but not all!) ammo, then I believe when you switch out it waits a little bit before reloading itself (in case you emergency-switch back immediately). However, this wait period is very small, so it seems like the reload takes a long time, but it’s actually just unfortunate timing.

To totally mitigate this from ever happening ever, you can begin the reload, then switch out. I mash both buttons within a half second of each other (reload button first, if this wasn’t obvious) and I stopped screwing myself up with reloads.


Just going to add to this that if you fall into water for a split second, the weapon you are using at the time starts reloading, it’s very annoying