Unable to revive as Laz bug -PC

I haven’t noticed any body falling thru map glitch as laz after patch but new bug similar to this happening every now and then

You cant revive as Laz the body is there timer is still on body u cant use revive… this happened twice today.

On both occasions the body was revived once and hunter died again and when I went in for revive it failed… wouldn’t let me use device at all

Device was charged …

I saw this from monster perspective when I was playing as behemoth I think I know whats causing it … I pulled the body away…but the laz thought the body was in same place as I could see him going to that location over and over again then I realized what if in my screen body is where I see and for hunters its different ?

Happened to my friend once. He tried reviving me as Lazarus but he was saying that the glove wasn’t working or something. I think he did mention something about seeing the timer but he couldn’t really see the body.