Unable to play


Today i was very excited to finally test this game, but i was very disappointed when i started my first match. I’ve playing a lot of early access games, yet i’ve never seen so much stuttering.

The game is completely unplayable, it goes smoothly for about 1-2-3 seconds, then it completely freezes for 5 seconds or so. The the cycle repeats. I have a decent rig , never had any problems with latest games.

My specs:

Intel i7 920
GeForce gtx 770
6 gb corsair ram ( triple channel )

The game uses 1.7 GB of ram, while playing i still have about 2 GB free. The cpu spikes quite often, that’s the only odd thing i noticed while playing.

Last note, lowering graphics settings didn’t help at all. Am i the only one with a good rig having this issues?

Btw i have no hopes to play the game decently before the end of this event of course, i really hope they’ll make another alpha/beta event so that i can finally try out this amazing game.

PS: i’d like to upload the DxDiag.txt should it be needed, but i can only upload images here. If developers need it i’ll upload it somewhere and link it here.


I got an i5 3570 (4x 3.4GHz), 8 gb and a gtx660 oc.
When I play in low-med graphics, everything went fine.
But setting to “high” just brought me down to 10 FPS and lower, stuttering and often hanging with 1 frame for 1-3s, and then the game goes on, until the next “break-stutter”.

However, I didn’t test if the CPU was fully loaded, sadly.


Good to know that i’m not the only one experiencing issues. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


I maxed the game on an i7 3770k and a 680 4gig. No problems or stuttering.