Unable to play evolve on Feb 10th


Well I woke up at 6 o’clock to play a game still preordered and was told it came out on the 10th… won’t let me Uninstaller or make another copy either…deva any thoughts???

Notes: I’m on xbox1

Edit: so after rebooting (10sec one)+deleting local content, I got it to delete itself, but now how to redownload 23gigs…


Mine is so buggy on Xbox 1… Game randomly crashes . Random kicks from match making oh and my personal favorite… Black screen at char selection then when the game starts I’m looking at markov from third person view in drop ship then the camera gets stuck on the ground and I can’t use any buttons . Was so looking forward to playing this today. Kinda sad about the beta carry over only being characters that were unlocked especially when pre order came with a dlc to instantly unlock tier 2 :confused:


Restart steam