Unable to play as Monster with Friends?


Not too complicated, so I’ll make this brief. In unranked, I used to be able to play with my friends and occasionally get monster. I enjoyed being able to fight against my friends, it added a little bit more diversity to the gameplay, and plus, it was unranked, so it was all fun and games.

A few updates ago (Maybe about 3-4 weeks ago?) I noticed I wasn’t getting monster At All. Tbh I got frustrated so I RQ’d and went to sleep. However it became persistent, and I googled it. It turns out it was the update that added a “rank” to the normal Hunt mode (which was “unranked/offline”), and I heard that you couldn’t play as a monster in a group while in ranked play. Is this an unintended side-affect of porting over the online code to hunt mode? If it isn’t, why do I have to choose between playing with my friends or playing as monster while in unranked? Very fustrating, considering I mainly play the game to play with my friends (Normally not enough to play in a full custom game, and plus, why would we? Its boring, no variety, its only us!)

Can we queue for monster in parties again? Now we can't even swap to monster. (evidently it was a bug)

I find it frustrating as well, was totally unfair to take away my Monster games with my friends.

They’ve done it on purpose to prevent people from letting their Monster friends win, maybe even swapping turns on that.

I’ve never seen people doing that, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t…

Still, I enjoyed it, and now I can’t play it anymore, so I know what you are thinking.


Even if they were doing so, then what does it matter in unranked? There is NO leaderboard for them to spoof anyway. I mean, the leaderboard is already a joke anyways, so no biggie even if they do so. If people are going to throw matches, they’re going to do it any damn way. Its not helpful (I think) to remove important features of the game while playing with friends, in a game that is partially MEANT to be played with friends


I’ve been banging on about this for a month. It was a stupid change that resurrected a lot of problems that were solved a year and a half ago.

Feel free to add your voice here.


Agreed. And to add to this as a player that regularly plays solo but hates monster (5th in preference) there’s nothing worse than landing in a lobby where you’re coupled with a party and are now forces to play a role you hate.

One night I had 5 lobbys in a row where this happened. I ended up quitting the last one in lobby because of that. NOT FUN to say the least. It was a bad experience for me and I’m sure it was frustrating for the group but this just makes everyone unhappy. Open this up on unranked.