Unable to join a multiplayer game


It is saying to log into PSN when I am already logged in. Only happens when I play evolve. I joined a friends match once but still can’t play multiplayer. Please help

PS4 - Sign in to psn issue - SOLVED

How long has this been going on? Days, weeks, since launch?


Since patch for new content. I reset wireless modem, got a haircut, and worked out!!! Even ran 3 miles !!! But no seriously all online games I got work but not evolve.


My e-mail is bartryder@yahoo.com.


When I select multiplayer it says creating party Enabling multiplayer parities… For about one or two minutes and then says Attention you must be signed into psn using Sony entertainment network account to access online features.


I log on ready after that then it says the same thing right away.


He Guys look at this post! maybe it helps you to fix it


Still having this problem. Please fix it!!!