Unable to hear players in game (Resolved for now)


Simple as that, I have the right headset and mic selected but can’t hear any plays that are actually using their mics. Had this for a while and would like to know how to get it sorted.


Are your drivers up to date?


Well considering I don’t believe I have updated a driver for my headset or mic as to my knowledge I would say no? How would I go about checking that?


Sorry, I meant your audio drivers for your pc.


I don’t think I have but currently trying to see if they need an update. Ill let you know if it fixes it.


Well according to my PC it is up to date.


Hmm, are you using the front ports or the rear ports?


Rear Ports


Have you tested the front ports? Also test your headphones on your phone or ipod?


Just to rule everything else out, can you confirm the following:

Is your headset device in Playback settings on “Set as Default Device” AND “Set as Default Communication Device?”

If you change your playback device while the game is open, in my experience, you won’t be able to hear the voice chat anymore until you restart the .exe file for the game.

If you have other devices plugged in, I would also try disabling them in case it’s trying to use them instead of your headset.

Also, can you hear the in-game sounds? So it’s just the people you can’t hear?


Right, have no clue why or how this sorted it but I moved my headphones to the front ports which still didn’t work. I plugged in my phone buds and it was working on those then when I took those out my main headphones work. No clue why that is but hey its working.

Thanks for the help Ill let you know if it buggers up again. :+1:


I use my shmexy 48" TV as a monitor-

99% of the time I use my TV speakers for audio, and then swap my audio manually over to my headset when i intend to play a game that requires it- Such as evolve.

I get this same thing if i swap from tv to headset audio AFTER Ive launched evolve (Ie boot up evolve, hear my tv speakers trumpet the loud monster noises at the start, shit my pants a bit, alt/tab, swap over to headset audio). ALL other audio works- Just cant hear mics. To fix it i have to close/relaunch evolve

Not sure if this relates to you, but maybe something to keep an eye out for.