Unable to hear In-Game voice chat


I load into Evolve after a fresh PC restart and the first game will work fine. Then when loading into a new game, I’m no longer able to hear my team’s voice chat. Also, their voice notification wheel is frozen to “Open” (pic attached).

I’m using a Turtle Beach COD EFF Headset. Both Playback and Recording have it set to “Default Device”.

I never had a single issue before the newest patch. It also happens every 1-3 matches.

My temporary fix has been to go through Steam Voice chat, which you can only use with friends… and I LOVE me some PUB matches.


Have you also selected your mic/speakers as the “default communications device” and checked the in-game VOIP volume?

edit: since it’s intermittent, sounds more like a bug.


Checked both and made sure they were set. Again, it appears completely at random which makes it difficult to debug on my end.