Unable to elite Crow


After finally getting to the third set of masteries as Crow, none of his stats are registering… This is frustrating >:c

Anyone else experiencing this?


I’m experiencing this, but not with Crow…

I’m in the second set of masteries with Sunny, and i’m trying to get her Jetpack booster to 2 star… X amount of time (120 seconds) in use while in combat.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s just having issues with the “while in combat” command… I’ve been using it when we catch a monster and it runs, and I’ve used it when we domed a S3 monster during Evac and it was trying to rip our guts out, and I’ve been gaining no more than 2 or up to 6 seconds at a time… :confused:


Odd, Crow’s masteries aren’t registering at all on my end. Not even low numbers when it’s blatantly happening. I hope it’s just an easy fix like clearing a cache or such