Unable to connect : Issue with account

Same issue when trying to sign in on Stage 2 after the Renegade update. I’ve added a picture, hopefully this will help. Steam display name is Youtube/AnonymousZao
I have also tried the hotfix of deleting the 2 mentioned files in my folder, but it was unsuccessful.

Same thing keeps happening to me

I send you a PM with more specific Informations @MrStrategio

How do we PM? Just made an account to do so and I don’t see the option anywhere. @MrStrategio

I think you have to be a certain rank… but I forget what it is to send a message. @TheMountainThatRoars - help?

I message MrStrategio with all of my information, should I have sent it to you instead? I think I was just talking to someone on twitch and they informed me that you are unfortunately unable to do anything directly but you were able to pass the information along to 2K or something like that.

I sent you a message on Reddit actually. I was just trying to double down. I need my daily sign in bonus!

I have the same problem

Same here. I got the “There currently is an issue with your Evolve account.” Message.

Sorry, was asleep! @Vorfidus @TungJu and @Pancakes654 should be able to send pm’s now!

sorry my english is not good. I don’t understand what “pm’s” now mean?What should i do?Should i use steam to contact u or?

It means Private Message. If you click on LadieAuPair’s name above it will give you the option to message her.

Yeah apparently I just didn’t have the ability. Thanks to TheMountainThatRoars for that. I sent a PM to both @LadieAuPair and @MrStrategio a few hours ago, hoping to get this resolved ASAP like everyone else. I’m losing precious monster hunting time!

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@TheMountainThatRoars Just curious, due to this issue am I going to be losing my consecutive log in bonus? Going to be really sad if this mishap makes me lose a really cool reward.

of course you loose your login bonus…

Unfortunately I believe you would. I am not sure if there’s anything TRS can do about that.

Not like this TurtleRock, not like this.:pensive:

Same over here this morning, I mostly play monster and had just 1 game wen one of the hunters was hacking.
Only a copypaste message from tickets without any explanation.

@MrStrategio I know that you’re busy but do you have any updates? all my friends are teasing me with Renegabe. There isn’t enough Grizzle videos to watch :’( I MISS EVOLVE

Send a support ticket to 2k. I did last night and have been exchanging e-mail back and forth with one of their support techs. I don’t think TrutleRock has anything to do with this on their end.

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