Unable to connect : Issue with account


Hi last Week I had the same issue here :

And with the new update , same problem happen again , any way to fix this? thx

Unable to connect - "Issue with Evolve Account"
Update on the Hacker situation
Account issue (unable to play)
Update on the Hacker situation

I also have the same Issue? play this game for 2k hours and never had that before.


I’m having the same issue. I know that @Gertz fixed your issue last time but did he say what was the cause?


thats weird. i send gertz a PM throught.


The instructions were updated slightly (today) please check them and try again. Let us know! ’


thats not the same error message. i deleted the 2 files but the message is still there.


@fassi_fihiri Could you PM me with your Steam account. @Gertz is out this week so I’ll have to investigate what happened before.


@MrStrategio I seem to be having the same issue, although this never happened to me prior to this patch. Steam ID is the same as my forum ID.


Whenever i login i get “there currently is an issue with your evolve account. please contact customer service at 2k”. This happened right after i updated.
I verified my game and noting happened. I sent in a support ticket with 2k but no response. Does anyone know a solution to this?


same issue, send you a PM mrstrategio.


Same issue. Steam ID is same as my forum ID.


Message sent and to reply to others gertz didnt gived me any information , he just told me to relog and it worked.

Thx mrstrategio for help


i know, i had the same issue twice. he also helped me with it. I didnt got that problem since a while.


@Gertz any tips on fixing this issue?


:wink: here you go!


When can we expect a fix after we send you our id? an eta would be nice.


Guys please, give him some time. I think it’s not easy to Figure out exactly what the Problem is.


I am having the same problem as the other two. I cannot play evolve because my account is currently having an “issue”. I haven’t cheated or used any third party software and like the other guy I have been in many games with hackers that have been a nuisance. I’ve never played monster so I feel I may have been reported by a monster who blanket reported my team. Thank you if you’re able to look into this.


Yeah that might be it. I also got matched with alot of cheaters. Even in Co-Op.


Please keep in mind, if you just send me a steam account with no description, I have no context what the issue is. I would appreciate it if a description was included, even if you’ve already done it in another thread. Some of these issues will require that I contact 2K, so it may take until tomorrow before I hear word back from them.