Unable to buy Behemoth [My2k Cache Issue]

Behemoth has been “undergoing maintenance” and is supposed to be available to now. Other people have bought him already as well as some of my friends. I am still currently unable to buy him. I have restarted steam and my computer, as well as, the game multiple times and It still says he is undergoing maintenance. He isn’t even in the store for me. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Yeah same with me, the store just needs to update a little bit for some, he’ll be there soon

I sure hope so. I have been saving keys for him. Don’t want to wait 17 more days.

Me too, but the wait will be worth it

On your main account:

Navigate to your local game files by right clicking on Evolve Stage 2 in your games library

Select Properties from the drop down list

On the new window select Local Files

Choose Browse Local FilesFind the “client.m2k” and “cache.m2k” files and delete them

Restart the game



Not sure if you’re trolling or not…

Appreciate the help MrAkenatom. That worked! THank you.

Good to see some confirmation. You can’t imagine how pissed I would be if I went in to try and fix something, then got banned for manipulating game files.

Did it work? I’d get so pissed if it didn’t and I got banned lol

MrAkenatom’s advice did work

i was having the same problem, it seems clearing client m2k and cachem2k worked for me, like ladie said.

@3evilgenius had the info! Clearing the cache should fix it. And @BEAF - doing that won’t get you banned. No worries.


Thank god, and thank you for clearing it up! :smile: last thing I would need would be to get banned the day my favourite is released
@MrAkenatom and thanks for the help!

that was the renegabe fix, I’m sorry if I scared you


“Bob is live you can buy him now” nope not for me, doesn’t work
"gold weapon skins for hunters" guess what… i don’t have them too in the store
what the hell?

Follow the instructions from MrAkenatom

The people above you were able to fix the issue with not seeing the released content in store. Let us know if it worked for you as well.

Hahah no worries, thanks again!