Unable to access notifications, search, home button ect in middle of a thread


As the title says, when I’m not at the top of a thread, I can’t access any of my notifications buttons unless I go back to the top of the thread. They are still visible but I can’t click on them

This thing

Repair this bug is very good idea !
I don’t know why you got this bug, but I’m with you !


Same here. Deleted Cache/Cookies and it showed up again for a few clicks but then again, same problem.


They are working on the site , trying out stuff i guess.


Posting because I don’t like it either :stuck_out_tongue: I have to use the browser’s back button like a barbarian.


Happening to me too!


Just a wee bit of a pain in the a** navigating without my home button lol


It’s fine for me now(sometimes)


I have to reload the page to fix it… it sucks


Are you still seeing this? Can you post screenshot, what browser are you on?

I definitely see the menu icons at the top right now.


I was using Chrome when it happened earlier today.


I believe the post content overlaps the subject bar.

I think this is due to the z-index: auto added to the .d-header.

The following code in the theme CSS would fix this.

.docked .d-header {
z-index: 1000 !important;

EDIT: I would upload a screen shot but I’m a new user here - can’t upload.
EDIT 2: Actually it only needs to be 1000 not 9999


Yay! got basic user…

Screen shot of issue

With CSS change


This is great, thank you for this, but I can’t repro the problem? What are the steps to repro, exactly?


It happened to me now.

  1. Click link in bookmarks to https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/
  2. Click notification from regarding your post linking here: Unable to access notifications, search, home button ect in middle of a thread

Displays like so:

EDIT: Guessing is has to do with AJAX style linking / loading into the end/middle of threads.


Alright. Happens to me too… But my icons are greyed out…


I use internet explorer and this problem happens in any thread I enter. At the top of the page the buttons work fine, but if you scroll down at all, then the buttons fade out and do not work


OK cool! Have implemented @DeanMarkTaylor’s fix. Thanks for that Dean!

cc: @awesomerobot that was kind of a traumatic one.


And fixed! :smile:


I’m still experiencing this issue. I use Chrome for my browser