Ummmm... Hi everybody


I’m just a newcomer who has just decided to start playing evolve despite it’s server shutdown and I was just wondering if this forum is still active or not.

Although the servers are down for good I have suddenly enjoyed this game thoroughly when fighting against bots as the Wraith and I was just curious as to whether anybody else even plays this game since I am aware of the lack of players for it.

Either way, I just thought I’d say hi to anybody who is reading this anyways…



Yep, the forums are alive and well. Filled to bursting with people who also have a heart on for Evolve. :grin:

Welcome and enjoy your stay!


Thanks, it always seems that the games that have the smallest community are always the most positive and healthy, so it’s nice to see that this game still has a friendly community, even if it is kinda small





Welcome to the family CasualSnivy.

It’s great to see new people join so I hope you like the place enough to stick around. If you have any questions about anything then feel free to ask. We’ll do our best to answer. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. Not much Evolve talk goes down now a days but there are plenty of us hanging out still.


Hi! Welcome to the playground!

Evolve might be “dead” but you can throw down on legacy.

Welcome to the community, happy to have yoU!




This couldn’t explain us any worse or better because this is the exact description of us


Well, I am also new here one thing to get very open to all of you is to introduce yourself I am Linda.
I also like to ply games and doing painting in my free times. Generally, I used to play a shooter video game like Destiny 2 and Battlefield 5.
Just want to know for the curiosity what game are you guys playing?


Good to see fresh names around here. It’s amazing how a game that’s as dead as doornails can still house a growing community, even if it is small and grows slowly.

Rainbow Six Siege and Skyrim. Until recently, I played Overwatch too.


It’s always a joy to meet new people around :D. I noticed you mentioned doing painting too, so as an artist myself I’m happy to see another kindred soul :smile:

I for one haven’t played a lot of stuff recently, but to satiate your curiosity I tackle Evolve (as always have), XCOM and any Dark Souls, hah.


Welcome! Hope you two enjoy your stay!

Well, I’ve mainly been playing Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee with my younger brother but I’ve also been playing ssbu, MHW, and Dragon Age 2 but I haven’t played it in awhile.


It is smaller… and there are always lurkers… I am one of them for the most part.


I can’t stop playing Fortnite Save the World and Battle Royale. Too addictive.


I’m going back through some games I hadn’t finished. So I’m slowly making my way through the second Shadow of Mordor game.


Hi Linda… My handle is TriXieKat but call me kat or Kathryn ^.^

I still hover around in evolve, but recently I go into the pre alpha of Spell Break (a battle royale with magic spells and combos) which is going to be my first major battle royale game because even in its current state, its solid, runs good and most importantly… fun.

Evolve there is a meet up group here, and you can find them on steam as well. Evoleaholics anonymous believe.

hmmmm, oh and I dabble in Destiny 2 but I am awaiting the next really unique thing for myself to latch onto. Overwatch is more going through the motions these days.


Still playing. This game never gets old :slight_smile:


I do not play Evolve myself but, welcome to this family! There are tons good people you will certainly meet here that are still having fun with Evolve!