Um yesterday i was playing agaisnt lvl 20s and lower


on ps4, soo did the population drop or was everyone just having a life >.> cause it got to the point where as a monster i only got lvl 20s… and let me just say… the assault was running away instead of shooting and the medic died on his own all the time against sloths or tyrants… it was soo sad i fought them at stage 1 and pretended they did damage soo they would give the game more of a chance >.>

i restarted my application and tried again and still kept only getting lvl 20s and lower…

just asking if it was only me


Currently in a lobby with a lvl 2, lvl 2, lvl 7, and a lvl 23. So… yeah.


don’t destroy them, try to give them a fair fight lol and yeah its sad >.>


At least theres new people? Idk thats odd for so many noobs to be around


well to be fair… on ebay evolve is like $25 soo >.> that could be it? and that could be it a bunch of ppl must have seen evolve is getting better and no more OP wraith ect, must have attracted more ppl and lets not forget twitch


I’ve been noticing the same perhaps some places had a sale? I’m over on xbox but def since last weekend I get sooooo many matches with people between 1-20. It’s very difficult to stomach risking being hunter team with two level twos, and like you said it’s not even very fun to ruin them.


I’m guessing it’s like this because of memorial day weekend.


i got into a match as hunter with them… i almost threw up lol, i got pushed into a plant ( i was medic) the assault was looking at me… and let me die and without firing one bullet btw he was a torvald…


Dude that post gave me clinical depression, did you keep playing or did you throw your console out the window like a rational person?


but its like really really bad, wraiths fighting at stage 1, and hunters not helping each other… it was never like this in my early lvls, maybe cause we had beta training >.> but dear god its like someone bought 200,000 copies and gave it to 11 and younger kids


i was really really really sad, i was soo depreseed i decided to eat a tub of ice scream to heal the wounds :cry:


Might be it. People seem to expect CoD with no learning curve for most things :stuck_out_tongue:. Memorial day seems to have amplified that.


Without any cyanide? Yea you did way better than i wouldve


i wanted to stay off monster for a while due to hunters strenght curve, but not like this… i don’t know what to do now… risk frustrating premades abusing glitches or play hunters and risk getting in a lvl 20 or lower team :persevere: i feel like pulling the trigger


I had a match on barracks where the medic was so far behind us all that at one point he missed and entire dome. I tried to be nice, then mean, then just got silent and salty as hell as we lost. How can you even be 45+ seconds away YOU’RE THE MEDIC.



sometimes… i think… ppl don’t know they ARE the medic… at low lvls


Lolol he prolly didn’t. Made me laugh so hard!


What i usually do if im with low lvls is teach them and coach them. Telling them some advice and give the monster some advice at the end of the game. Sometimes they listen other times they just ignore me oh well XD