Um, behemoth and gorgon are locked?



I recently got back into the game and even know I purchased all the characters and monsters both behemoth and gorgon are locked behind the ‘unlock in the store’ message, and they’re not in the store ether when I checked (it’s pretty barren tbh) so I don’t know how to get them back. Idk if the other characters are missing or anything and as far as I can see my skins and both meteor and elder are here so what gives?

Any way to fix this?, evolve just isn’t evolve without my gorgon ;-;

Any help is much appreciated x


I’m downloading the game again as we speak, so I’ll see if I can help troubleshoot once it’s done ^^


Ok thank you

But gorgon just randomly unlocked again after I redownloaded kala and the white tiger skin (the only things in the store atm), behemoth is still locked oddly enough

But I have all the hunters and there’s possibly some missing skins but tbh I can’t remember but I don’t really care, I’d just be happy with Bob and I still have most of my favourites so I don’t mind


Hm, when I got into the game everything was there, monsters, skins, hunters, everything. So I dunno really :confused: Maybe restarting helps?


I resetted but it just kinda locks gorgon away until after a match or two, Bob is still locked however

I might try different game modes and maps, hopefully I’ll find a release bob trigger idk