Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe


I was talking to some people in the twitch channel for TRS about this game and it is one of my family’s top 5 favorite board games. As such, this thread is dedicated for the discussion of this wonderful game. The original updated kickstarter could be found here.

Sunday night’s is when we play our boardgames with friends and family. You need at least 7-8 to play this game so if we get enough I’ll update this thread with my stream info and try to stream a game. I brought this up in the stream because my wife’s baby shower might have the fabled 75 player game going for it :smiley: I think the most we’ve played with is around 20 for this game. SUPER excited to see the massive 75 player version going :smiley:


This is the one where you have cards and you got werewolves, one minion and a bunch of other roles, yeah?
Never played it myself but I have seen people stream it. Looks fun!


Ya, the recent ultimate deluxe gives a TON more roles instead of ‘generic baddie/villager’ Makes it MUCH better.


I’ve always wanted to see something like this being played. :smiley:


I’ll try and get something together. You might also get to see my son and boardgame group :stuck_out_tongue:


They need to make an online version of this, would be fun to play it with international friends.


So looks like we won’t have enough for werewolf tonight :frowning: That being said, I will try and get our next game recorded for this thread :slight_smile: