Ultimate predator


You have 2 so far good job. But perhaps a monster that could send you to the next level could be the Megalania…or another giant newly created lizard maybe of the monitor family please no iguanas haha they eat leaves not people. Also I haven’t seen any indigenous people? WTF?


You might want to read up more on the backstory of Evolve. There are no indigenous people because we are colonizing the planet. Life on a planet doesn’t mean that there must needs be some indigenous human like population. All the animals are native to Shear though.

Also, they have 3 Monsters with a 4th in the planning stages.


Indigenouse peeps never hurt but still a giant man eating lizard sounds pretty sick. No flying no fire but true stealth and speed


Monsters might not be from Sheer.


I know, I said animals not Monsters :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah the last part wasn’t in relation to Sheer.


No worries :slight_smile: I’m excited to learn a bit more about the Monsters though. It’s interesting that they seem to be heading down a particular arm of the galaxy.


I know! Makes me even more curious when I think about that little teaser in the wraith trailer where they are working on the monster. Is that like the creator or a mad scientist opportunist lol.


I’m thinking it’s just captured. The same cinematic is used before the Evac map Wraith Trap. Still, both good suggestions though.


I think it’s mostly likely captured as well, but still… he must be doing something sketchy if that’s the wraith’s own map lol.


Hey they may be evacuating the planet, but technological advances always have a way of breaking through at interesting times!

If they perfect the Wraith-Gate technology, who knows what kind of… Monetary value that could be worth. Short range or Long, teleports are always useful in some way! You may be more right than you know, though. This guy may be looking to cash in, and uses the Hunters as his in-field guinea pigs. So there’s a slight chance of being consumed by man-eating monsters… Danger pay isn’t just for show!

Not saying I would personally price the lives lost on Shear with that of improved tech, but that doesn’t mean someone out there wouldn’t try if presented the opportunity, right?


I was hoping that there would be a connection between the ‘jump’ of the ship and the wraith teleport/blink. However, upon watching the ending victory cinematic for the Hunters, it shows the giant ship ‘jump’ away and it looks pretty different from the Wraith. So if humans did create the Wraith, it’s different technology than the ‘jump’ mechanic they use. I think they call it Dive in the back stories?


I would think they had their own jump tech well before the Monsters were discovered, I mean, just to get out of our solar system you would have had to have something like it already developed. I wouldn’t think Wraith had TOO much to do with it. She only blinks a short distance. I’m no scientist (Far from it, I assure you…) but it seems like enhancing the alien abilities of the wraith to enable prolonged space travel and slapping it into something like a that transport ship would seem a bit far-fetched to me. But then… the question of how the Monsters get from planet to planet crops up, and I personally think the Wraith has a hand in it to a degree…

Ugh… I don’t know. (Flips table) WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US, TRS?!

I’m just going to go with ‘Future tech, alien junk, above my paygrade’ and wait for more backstory to trickle to us in time :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant that the technology we use was injected into the Wraith. Not the other way around :stuck_out_tongue: Although, maybe the Wraith will give us a jump in tech or something.


Oh haha woops my bad O.o

Well that scientist DID get warp gates working! I’d say given enough time and remove the danger of being overrun by things that want to eat you, we would likely continue to develop some interesting stuff from her and all the monsters even.

Well… maybe except Goliath. Sorry Goliath, we beat you to the punch here. We’ve had Flamethrowers around for a while!


Or maybe they captured a Wraith years ago and that’s how they developed their dive technology… which I’m assuming is a wrap drive… so you see where I’m going with this.
This whole game is about Alien retaliation.