UK XB1. UK TIME ZONE. casual players


Hi just got evolve. Loving the game just looking for players to play with my Gamertag is GB L3THAL. Xbox 1. Be good to get a group together. I’m on most nights from 7.


Hello. I have been looking for uk time zone players so I’ll add you, my gt is similar to my name on this.



Ok nice mate, won’t be on tonight but hopefully tomo, hope we get some more people.


Try this:

It´s all in real-time, not many on right now but during peak hours it´s easy to find other groups. When you post here always create game over there, there is a link that you can copy in the chat window. Paste it in this thread so that others can find you :smile:


I have a dedicated healer already, one which I always play with, so ideally it will be trapper and assault but I’m easy I don’t mind mixing it up.


Ok I’ve been playing assault but I’m up for trying anything.


Gt is:Bu11etstorm42. added you guys. I play support


Hi guys, loving the concept of this game, but currently not very good at it and I mean bad lol. Need a team who can communicate and laugh!! Not sure of my best guy yet, need to play some good games.

Add me if you want GT: Carpet Slippers on 8-12pm most nights


Add my GT: CrazySquish20
On most days at night, I love being Trapper and have an Elite Abe
Will be on most nights from 9pm onwards