UK PC Users!


I found out the hard way… It seems Steam pushed the UK release to Midnight GMT. This means that my game still said ‘Pre-load’ and wouldn’t let me play when I was certain I could. With friends in Europe who were playing I assumed this was me bugging.

I sadly proceeded to follow the troubleshooting… and uninstalled to start re-install. Now i’m kinda annoyed as I could play in 3 minutes, now have to wait 2 hours.

Just wanted to warn people.


its still “unreleased” for me and i have it pre loaded


Yeah, still not unlocking even though it’s past midnight, if it makes you feel any better :smile:


Yep, Im in the same boat : ( still says pre loaded - unreleased


Come on steam :cry:


Yup, still sitting here waiting


Store page also says ‘not yet available’.


You didn’t need to reinstall. They haven’t flipped the switch yet.


Sadly I already did start re-installing…


Yeah I’m still waiting for steam, says its unavailable…


@Macman Tell Gabe to get off his arse and flip the switch!


Plz lord gaben!


It’s depressing to see Steam putting a big old Evolve ad on it’s store homepage, saying “available now” but… you know… it’s not. :stuck_out_tongue:


you would have thought for such an anticipated game steam would be on the button for this…dont tell me ive wasted all these redbulls i have lined up…

ps, anyone had any luck with restarting steam ?


GABEN! C’mon man!


UK too, other Europe countries unlocked around 11:11AM GMT


UK here. I can still see the ‘(content still encrypted)’ through the tears


Tempted to VPN it haha


By the time it’s ready an de-crypted, there’ll be no time to play. I’m fucking off to bed.


UK here, just unlocked, lets get cracking