UK has voted to leave the EU


We’re experiencing history in the making.


Holy crap. It must be chaotic over there with all the stuff that’s going on.


The pound has already dropped quite a bit.


Oh crap. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into another Great Depression (I forgot, did that affect just the US, or was worldwide?).


The great depression was all around the world. I don’t expect that kind of fallout from this, but it’s going to get worse from here before it gets better.


I don’t know if it’s going to be worse or better.

The UK never liked the EU and they had a lot of changes so they stay in the EU. With this changes, did they deserve to stay ? They wanted only the benefits of the EU.


Wellllll Fuck
That’s uh that’s not good.


Short term it will be pretty bad. No idea how it will end up long term. I’m surprised Wales voted to leave seeing as how they heavily relied on the EU.


I wonder what effect this will have to countries under their constitutional monarchy…


Last Week Tonight did a good bit on the Brexit this past Sunday.


Yes independance! great day for U.K hopefully more countries follow suit within the EU!


Lol, why am I not surprised?


So for someone who is as amazingly politically ignorant as I am-

Can someone give me cliff notes why they did/wanted to do this?




That’s an extremely ignorant thing to assume about brexitors.

There are many reasons why they (I included) voted to leave.

Some examples:

  • More control over our borders, we are getting over-populated now and it’s starting to show.
  • Stop sending loads of money to the EU each week that could be used for better things, like sorting out our NHS since it’s hit a bad spot.
  • Allows us to make trade deals with the rest of the world, not just the EU. Considering the fact we buy 40% (I think) of our products from the EU it clearly means they won’t stop selling to us just because we left.


I voted leave,i don’t hate immigrants i think most people just want the power back with us so we can somewhat control our borders.A lot of people voted for various reasons immigration would of been a part but not solely the reasoning why leave won.I think also a lot of people wanted to stick 2 fingers up at the establishment aswell.Short term it might be rocky but long term i think this is a great move a bold move by the U.K


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I wonder who the leavers will blame when Britain becomes worse off. It surely won’t be their short sighted decision.


Did you just ignore what Charly said right above you?


Come to mention it, My milk was a little off this morning in my bowl of wheetos.