UI scaling bugged under Nvidia Surround


The UI seems to be oversized scaling by using a tripple 5760x1080 monitor system and Nvidia Surround.

Everything else seems fine but with the oversized UI there is no chance to get in game by not being able to reach hided buttons out of screen.

Heard 21:9 Players are even not able to Play cause of this scaling UI bug.

When will there be a fix?


I am wondering when this can get addressed? Even the responses I’ve seen from the Senior QA Tester doesn’t really give a good estimate. This should have been done well before launch.


There’s an existing thread for this, with a couple workarounds. There is a fix is in the works, PC patch is coming very soon and I assume this will be part of it. If you have a controller use that to get through menus, otherwise for now you’ll need to play on a single.


Just tried looking for thread for workarounds, couldn’t find it. Does this pertain to the UI scaling, or is it just using the controller to get through menus? I really don’t understand how a PC game in the past 2+ years doesn’t look into scaling issues with Surround/Eyefinity since it’s been more and more popular and doesn’t necessarily require that much to add support for.



Well that’s just going to a lower resolution, I meant are there workarounds playing in eyefinity still with resolution in tact?


Only using a controller for now. The UI just doesn’t work. I believe some have just toggled it on/off to get past menus, re-enabling in game.


Oh ok, thanks Yro