UI/Overlay improvements fixes I'd like to see


So lots of people focus on what they’d like to change in the game in terms of balance and bugs… here’s some things I’m hoping to see soon…

  • Audio “pips” when time is running out to select character/perks
  • When entering a game late making sure the monster’s stage is correctly shown in the replay screen (I’ll join and lose to a stage 3, but the replay says stage 1)
  • Yours/your teams perk choices visible when hitting the button to display the names/pings of players in the game
  • The monster/hunters picked visible when using the same button to display names/pings of players in the game
  • Lazarus markings above dead players for ALL players to see where they are.
  • Ability to rewind replays?
  • Allow monsters to text chat at all times (team/global chat differentiation?)
  • Have ping dots fade out over time to help show newer pings vs older ones


  • Markers over downed players for Slim’s healing drone


  • Observer mode to also show perks people have taken
  • Observer mode to show monster’s stage 1 picks
  • Visible indicator of party groups in a lobby, including parties you are not part of
  • Ability to pick who is a monster/hunter/observer at each character selection screen in custom games
  • Ability to access settings/options from any stage of the game not just the main menu


  • Allow players to choose where the toasts for achievements display, or allow people to disable them from showing


  • Visualise the amount of shield left on your health when being shielded by another hunter/drone
  • Show a skull on your class icon if you’re dead, like with the other players’ classes


  • Allow leaving character progression screen early to see replays
  • Some visual indicator of which hunter outline is which for monster


  • Change the monster outline (Val’s tranq, Gobi, etc) to highlight if the monster is in line of sight or behind a rock/wall/etc. (May be complicated if the outline is a universal application rather than per-hunter)
  • (not sure if UI based really but…) Better Steam integration on PC, can’t easily find who we’re playing with to better build groups.


  • Highlight bodies that are the target of resurrection to ensure wildlife isn’t revived by accident

Anyone got anything else?


Would wanting an aim marker over down players for slims bug count for this? I always miss and it would help me quite a bit.


This is less about balance and more about the UI:

  • Ability to access settings/options such as audio/video/controls without having to back ALL the way out to the main menu.
  • Ability for 5-person parties to choose teams (who is monster/hunter/observer) from the character selection screen; right now you have to do so during the few seconds watching the replay, and it’s always rushed.
  • Visible indicator that other people in lobby are in a party together. If you’re IN the party you get to see who else is with you, but it’s invisible to others who join; why hide it?
  • For Observer: Display Monster’s stage 1 skill picks as the map starts, similar to having evolved.
  • For Observer: some sort of indicator what perk everyone took. This information should NOT, however, be visible to Monster/Hunters currently playing - knowing a monster took damage boost vs feeding speed is relevant information.


As a medic.
If they could stop popping up stupid achievements hiding the team health meter on the bottom left. That would be fucking great. No idea how this made it into the game.

Oh and another thing. There is NO reasoning to not see the choosen hunters/monster ingame, when you show it before the loading screen. Either hide it completely or show it all the time.
This only punishes quick tab outs in lobby or latejoining mid game. Pretty fun if you join as a monster with shit skills, no perk and can’t even see which hunters you face.

Nevermind, you already listed that one.


I would like it if the assault’s shield/Hank’s/Sunny’s shield would display how much shield you have eleft on your health bar.
I have no idea how much juice Hank has left!
Please make it to where the class icons (bottum left) for your class shows a skull if you die. It confuses me!
When I eat a tracking dart, I don’t need to know the current dart was eaten. Just tell me I am darted!


Its not really that big a deal not to see the monster in game cause the tracks are different the hunters do make a huge difference and it would make it more fair for monsters that drop in mid match or if a bot picks.


I think the whole telling you that you ate it thing is so that you’re aware that Abe might not have line of sight on you, it’s a different situation so worth the different info?

It may not make a huge difference, but if you start out a match having not seen the pick and the monster has sneaked from the beginning, or you’ve entered the game in a quiet period, it can take some time to orient yourself and communicate with team mates so as you know what to expect. Just knowing who’s picked what character/monster from one screen is a simple thing that helps everyone just play the game :smile:


It would be nice for hunters and the monster really does need this but the hunters can get by with not having it because they have 3 other people who should have been paying attention and if not they have foot prints

I would like this change though.

Side note: I dunno why sometimes the monster can sneak right off the bat and still leave 2 foot prints or they can sneak and not have any tracks its not guaranteed for any specific monster or map either.


I don’t know if you’re european or not, but getting people to communicate with me in a server (language issues, not because europeans are jerks) is pot luck at best beyond pings. :frowning:


North American worst i’ve come across is some people from quebec who can get by speaking english but might need you to use more common words.


Please update this to:
Visible indicator of party groups in a lobby, including parties you are not part of

  • After a game: To be able to leave character progression screen and go to the replay screen, so I have more time to actually see the replay.

  • To be able to see a coloured name of the player above them, to be able to know if it’s the assault, medic, support, trapper based on colour.

This could be an OP change for the monster, but will help, for sure, to any new players, because recognising which hunter is which is really hard unless you have played a lot, and its hard/impossible from a distance.


OK thanks for all of this, I’ve updated the top post with the latest list and will continue to do so as bugs or ideas come up.

@Shaners (hi!) it’d be great if you could throw this list in front of the UI team at some point for consideration in future updates. Even if only some of them are able to be implemented it could greatly improve the experience for players :smile:


[If I can’t say something nice I won’t say anything at all]



Thanks, I’ll go through the list in that post and pick out any UI related things that aren’t already noted :smile:


Tbh editing peoples oppinion is the worst you can do. I did neither attack anyone nor exaragated my statement. It was simply the truth and if you cant deal with it… Well thats Textbook opression and abuse of power.

Nice @maddcow i am not so off with my statement after all.


Highlight deceased bodies with differentiating color coding so LAz can clearly see that he’s rezzing that Hank besides the dead nomad rather than the nomad itself…


I’ve paraphrased that a bit, I assume what I’ve editted in is what you mean?


Yup you got it spot on.

I was just specifying the moment that it occurred to me.

Dam nomads…