UI Overlay disappearing Mid-Game


This bug carried over from the beta. In plenty of games the dynamic UI Overlay elements - mainly healthbars, nametags, waypoints, and markers - disappear. This happens without any special action triggering it (that i can notice). Certainly, i’m not alt-tabbing or opening the steam overlay. Usually UI just vanishes mid-combat. Error is non-recoverable during a game, but is reset when the next map loads.

This ruins the game as Monster and Medic especially.

Any suggestions on this?

64b-Win7, i7, Radeon R9 200


Have you opened the minimap (with tab)? If yes, it’s a flawed UI design. Closing the minimap brings them back.


Thank you for the reply. Thing is, closing the minimap doesn’t help.

Might be opening the minimap hides the UI, i didn’t look out for that. Anyway, it is definitely not restored when i close the map or it gets auto-closed by combat.