UI improvements


I’m loving the enhanced UI already compared to the bought version, would like to see more things visible outside of the character select though, adding in a place to see which perks you own/don’t own would be super useful
having the character/monster abilities shown in the profile section would help, with a description of the abilities they have (maybe even the damage numbers, that’d be nice) and you used to have these short tutorial videos, maybe put those in the character UI too.
i like being able to see what unlocks i’m getting through levels, that is definitely an improvement on the previous version of this, but there’s still a lot missing that’d help less experienced players out a TON and also helps longer time players see what they want to work towards or plan setting up for their next matches etc.
I would like to add that in the badge section, there’s no clear way of finding out how to unlock the other 3 types of the badges.
each badge has like 4 versions of it, 3 of which are locked behind something and i can’t tell what
would like to see what i’d need to do to get those when i hover my mouse over the locked symbol or something…

nobody should go to the store and not know what sort of character they’re buying and these changes could easily make this easier to find out.


So when installing Evolve S2 the download was only 18.8ish GB and Evolve Pre F2P was 40ish GB the difference in the download size came mostly from said videos, and after all the videos themselves weren’t too great at showing the potential of the character the video was for.


there could still be something out there that maybe demonstrates the moves characters have.
several mobas have it, or just a standard way to see what abilities each character has through text and numbers…