Uh, my rank has been reset


So I logged on to Evolve online (PS4) and apparently I’m Determining Rank again? Is there an issue with the servers or is this a bug?


You still have your rank, it’s just a visual bug.


Usually after you restart and/or after a match your rank will show up again.
Under your “Hunt Leaderboards” it should still tell you your Hunt 2.0 rank.


Going to try a match but the Hunt Leaderboards aren’t showing my placement


I’d play a couple matches and check, if nothing happens I would submit a ticket with 2K here:



If the issue persists, play solo or do quickplay and come back to ranked after you finish the match.


Yeah common bug don’t worry about it :slightly_smiling:


Did a hard reset of my console, everything is back now



Since it’s been resolved, is it okay if I tag a Leader/Mod to close this thread?


I’d say so. @ToiletWraith.


OP, PM me if you need this reopened!