Ugly Huntress


I’m I the only one that wants, like, REALLY ugly female hunters? You know, like with warts, bad teeth, and what-not.



Good laugh.


yr talking about baraka from mortal konbat x


Warts? How many people really have warts?


So you want a green skinned witch character. XD


My old teacher did. I remember she had 2. One on her nose, and the other on her cheek XD


Why would you want that?


Omg. They are so easy to remove now. I do think and uglier hunter would be cool. All of them look really good right now.


That’s why we have Maggie! ^.^


shots fired…


I dunno. Not everyone’s pretty


Damn, bro… That’s cold


Too harsh? Alright.

That’s why we have Caira.

Better? ^.^


I think they all are good looking. None of them are disfigured like some of the others. Or a bug or robot.


yes…you are XD


XD em… Let’s just leave it at that.


Ummm so like Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones as long as she is bad ass and no one like makes fun of her because of how she looks then fine.


Yea exactly. Just plain ugly hunters


Hyde, Torvald and slim have major mutations/mutilations , it would be good to see a similarly physically damaged lady character. Maybe for the female assault. You could even model it like she was wearing full body covering in order to cover up her burns or whatever


Sorry, but Darth Vader belongs to Disney now. :stuck_out_tongue: