Ugh... just a quick bit of help

Got a friend whos a fan of Wraith and one of the Artworks that was done of Wraith is a pain to find. I figured she’d get a kick from it. Where is that one drawn pic of Wraith at the beach? Anyone got a quick link to that?

As soon as it’s found then this thread can get deleted, just been searching for the past thirty minutes and can’t find it.


AH! Yes. Thank you. I know that she will really like that. Where is it normally so that I know that she can find it with ease?

Or you guys can keep this up for a few days… then delete it or I guess it’ll just get buried. Either way tho thanks.

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Ah, even better. Alright, thanks Skills.


No problemo :slight_smile:


Yeah actually I had two viewers who were big fans of the Wraith Monster and then this artwork popped up in my head. One of them really likes it, the other went to bed already but she’ll see it when she wakes up. Still feels good to be supporting Evolve even with all of its quirks.

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This was easily one of my favorite fan art drawings ever :joy:

The draw of the Wraith on the beach is a bit…bizarre for me, but it’s not that bad for something like that, so I’ll stay positive on this art.
Instead of the Wraith on the beach, I also downloaded a bunch of forgotten arts from the “Cosplay and fan art” thread a long time ago (maybe last december?), so I show some of the Wraith’s fan arts in case you’re interrested.
That one’s from @Grimy_Lief.
That’s one from @Shika

That one’s from @Shika (again).


By Tanimatic

By DarkeDny

By Slayerofstuff


Dang are we bringing back a wraith appreciation post? Lets keep this going guys bring in fanart of or beloved/ hated teleporting gal.

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I mean the only part I hate about her is that Nerf Styled Ball and Chain attached to her uh… legs and the Stop Light in the distance that takes forever to go Green so she can abduct those pesky kids with their jetpacks.

Other than that nothing but luv.