Ugh... can we please PLEASE get the 1.4 micro-balance patch soon?


I’m sorry but its getting really absurd. This game is becoming less and less pleasent, and the longer TRS takes to fix their issues of the T4 hunters being too powerful, the more and more I am loosing faith in them as a gaming company (seeing them more and more as a finacial office - devoted to taking advantage of their customers).

  • They already left a bad taste with their “hunter skins” (aka colored weapons)
  • They took forever to get around to fixing Wraith (letting a lot of the community give up on the game).
  • When they DID finally fix wraith, we only had x3 days of decent balanced and fun gameplay (the evolve we all wanted it to be) before the T4 hunters came and started the groans all over again.
  • It feels that the T4 Hunters were released intentionally Overpowered just to force players to buy them. If I hadn’t bought them as a pack when I initially bought Evolve, I’d likely have given the game up for good with this aggressive market ploy (“want to completely destroy and bully a single Monster player, giving them little chance of success or survival? Buy now!”)

Ok, groans aside (we’ve heard it all before) - can we please get an ETA on the 1.4 patch? I’m taking another break from Evolve and would like to know approximately when the game will become enjoyable again for all parties so I can return at that set time.

I had understood the micropatches aren’t too hard to do, so here’s hoping its less than a week away from now (it has been one week already afterall).


1.4? Do you want to downgrade to before the DLC patch?


They balanced the Wraith after the Beta came out. If you want to see OP, look up beta footage of Wraith.

When they gutted the wraith, the T4 patch was ready to launch. It’s been ready to launch for weeks but they had to go through some hoops with 2K and Sony/Microsoft to get the patch out to all consoles.

They didn’t test them enough because people were complaining about T4 not being out already. They released them earlier than they wanted because the community wanted them out as soon as possible. But they feel fairly balanced, only Torvald really needs a number change on his weapons.


Oooh I know how bad Wraith was beta. I’m glad they did fix it, but it did take a while for them to go the distance they needed. I appreciate a lot of people feel it was shreded, but I find it has a decent niche - needing you to use Abduction in junction WITH supernova to maximize damage.

I do think they demolished the Decoy too much though.

I do think it a shame they released the T4 on the basis of peer pressure. They clearly have gone from one complaint (we want the T4’s already!!) to another (the T4’s aren’t balanced - you didn’t play test it enough).

I really would have preferred if they had simply offered a statement to apologize but justify the need to delay their release. The mature players would have respected it (fair enough… better to give us a game we can enjoy and build our expectation) but it was their call and, sadly, they have lost my respect if that was their reasons.

I my opinion, if TRS wants to start acting less like a corporate moogle and more like a respected game company, they need to start showing more interest in the players and less in their wallets. Give us some commentary. Let us know whats going on. Talk to us. Treat us like people and give us answers instead of letting the rabble (that I am a part of) theorize and spread poor word-of-mouth.

I’m only one person, but I’ve already discouraged 5+ friends of mine from buying into this game - telling them to wait until it gets fixed. If they had fixed the game, played smarter, I’d be doing the reverse - encouraging people to play it and giving them more revenue for a worthwhile experience.

I just find it frustrating.


2K is releasing the price tag on these guys, they even wanted to make us pay for maps. TRS listens and talks to the playerbase and revolves their ideas and content around them. They give us updates on everything we ask for that isn’t too far off.


not people were complaining when the new hunters/monster will be released but 2k wants to make money money money as long the game is fresh.


it just feels like it doesnt matter what they do its always the wrong thing.

gief t4,didnt u test t4 at all?,nerf wraith,why did u change wraith ???



Could you link me to their regular once-a-week update thread then? Because I’ve not been able to see it anywhere.

And Once-A-Week should be bare minimum.


I think only sunny needs nerf + buff for proximity detonation !

Maybe torv mortar +2 sec cooldown !

And HUGE BUFF for bloody behemoth !


More like Patch 2.1

Also, what the hell is with everyone yelling “Intentionally OP”? I don’t get it. What use would that be of, when there’s watched channels about balance of this game literally right on this forum? That doesn’t sound like a way to make profit, now does it?


When people quit as monster game freezes


wraith was fine until new hunters came ^^


Tovald is a little bit powerful.
Need a nerf stuff about Mortar Strike.

but others are not.

Slim is easy to kill.
Spore cloud laucher is really annoying, but that’s all.
You can still damage then, chase them, and find them with your own eyes.
Leech gun and Healing burst is really unstable and uneffectiveness

Crow is fast to get monster in early,
but Stasis gun is hard to shot monster clearly because of slow speed of projectile.
Soaring Gobi is really great skill. But I’m not sure It’s better than other tagging skills of trappers.

Still Dart gun is the best.
Sound spikes are useful to deny wide places and really good when it’s in the dome with monster.

She is really good.
but Shield drone takes so much time to be deployed (6~7 secs? Maybe.)
and Nuke launcher is not good to against Kraken, or moving monsters.
The Stick for Jetpack doesn’t have much energy…

Well… I’ve played many games with them Even I’ve been one of them, But I don’t know why they are called Op.

Tovald? Yes… I think Mortar strikes need to nerf a little bit. 10~15% damage nerfed


Lemme guess a sunny player and not a torv and hates torv…

Lemme break it, sunny needs dmg nerf and proximity detonation (buff)

Torv needs maybe +2 - +3 sec cooldown on mortrs


That actually shows that listening to the playerbase can really give you nightmares as you can never get things right. I’m not saying that studios/publishers should NOT listen to them, but there is a difference between what players CLAIM they want and what they REALLY want.


Im so sure they said the patch for some balancing fixes will come this weekend, but its sunday now and this weekend is nearly over.


Increased Mortar CD is proper too.

It makes Dps of mortar decreased anyway.


Steady on now. I know people have frustrations about the balancing in the game at the moment, but to accuse the developers of not caring about the players is wrong. I don’t know how big the dev team is but until something new is released and hardcore gamers push it to the limit its hard to get anything 100% perfect. To make a game this good is a feat in itself, but pushing out patches left right and centre can lead to more crashes and less stability. Let them get the patch ready, then give it a week after release to assess it. I know the criticisms come from everyone wanting the game to be the best it can be, but I think the developers are with you not against you.


As a minor heads up, it would be patch 2.x 2.0 was the release of T4.