Übersicht: Abklingzeiten | Overview: Cooldowns


Abklingzeiten in Sekunden [CD’s in sec.] - (XX,XX) = Abklingzeiten einschließlich 30%-Nachladegeschwindigkeit-Charaktervorteil [CD’s including Reload Speed Perk]

Val: Heilungsstoss [Healing Burst] 22,50 (15,75)

Lazarus: Heilungsstoss [Healing Burst] 15,50 (10,85) | Persönliche Tarnung [Personal Cloak] 25,00 | Lazarus-Gerät [Lazarus Device] 12,00 (8,40)

Caira: Heilungsstoss [Healing Burst] 22,50 (15,75) | Beschleunigungsfeld [Acceleration Field] 45,00

Hank: Tarnfeld [Cloaking Field] 30,00 (21,00) | Orbitalschlag [Orbital Barrage] 60,00

Bucket: Tarnfeld [Cloaking Field] 30,00 (21,00) | Drohne [UAV] 20,00

Cabot: Tarnfeld [Cloaking Field] 30,00 (21,00) | Staubmarkierer [Dust Tagging] 70,00

Maggie: Mobile Arena 60,00 (42,00)

Griffin: Mobile Arena 60,00 (42,00)

Abe: Mobile Arena 60,00 (42,00)

Markov: Persönlicher Schild [Personal Shield] 30,00 (~16,00 Bug??)

Hyde: Persönlicher Schild [Personal Shield] 30,00 (~16,00 Bug??)

Parnell: Persönlicher Schild [Personal Shield] 30,00 (~16,00 Bug??) | Supersoldat [Super Soldier] 30,00

Zeitliche Abweichungen möglich [temporally differences possible].

Lazarus' Personal Cloak not affected by Reload Speed perk

Can someone confirm it?


next time try to put it in english please since we all speak english over here at the forums. i understand that it aint your native language but it isnt mine either :stuck_out_tongue: and i still do it :stuck_out_tongue: but we already got some numbers for cooldowns for everybody right here : Evolve Number Statstics


That’s why I wrote it down in both languages. Anyway thank you very much for your feedback and the link. I will heed your advice next time. :smile:


Mh…I am not sure if the reload perk affects class abilities. I dont think so. There were some discussions on the forum about it.