Tyrant won't let go


There hasve been two instances were a tyrant grabbed hold of one of my team-mates and refused to let go. One was a few months back (March or April I think) where our Assault got grabbed and our entire team pumbled the creature but the tyrant ate the once-full-health-no-strike assault anyway. The second was just yesterday when our Trapper get bitten. Our entire team (Laz, Sunny, Lennox or Torvald) beat the tyrant until it actually died. Once it died it let go of our now dead trapper. Laz couldn’t revive because he was in the water. Both of these happened in the captured-goliath map. (can’t remember the name. :P) Both had Laz on the team.
EDIT: It wasn’t hte same tyrant, btw. The first one in March/April was near the spawn point. The one yesterday was beside the junkyard.

Usually, I can just shoot the tyrant once or twice with weak bullets and it will let go. So why is it that in these two occurances, the tyrant wouldn’t let go? I’m assuming that it is a bug because we did indeed nearly kill the tyrant in March/April before assault (Hyde, I think?) was swallowed and we did kill the tyrant yesterday at the same time Jack died.


…Oh god. This has happened to me numerous times. Please tell me it’s a bug.


Edited the title to include the map

This happens, it’s due to when you hit the Tyrant. It has iframes, kinda. There’s a certain time frame where if you shoot it, it just keeps twirling.


Huh. We shot it during every one of it’s ‘animations’ though save for going onto the ground. Both people who got chomped jumped/fell into the water. Twirling or standing still or shaking its head or whatever.


It was rotating in the water like a Croc then. That might be the key.


@MajorLeeHyper is this down your alley?


On my screen, it still says “Tyrant won’t let go” ? (Refreshed the page, jumped to another page, came back via post alert, etc. Weird)


Give it time, for you knowledge the map you were playing was Refueling Tower.


OK. I know the maps my appearances and such. I rarely ever connect the right names to the right maps, though. (except Aviary and Wrap Trap)


You’re all good.


Bug in question at 1:45 in this video of mine heh


That was a hungry tyrant. I’ve had it happen to me too once or twice. I wouldn’t have a clue as to why it happens.



…But why?

And this bug is ancient.


For extra detail. The OP didn’t know and the issue happened on Refueling Tower.


But the title was already effective and clean. Map info and the likes belong in the OP, not cluttering up the title…


Didnt really look like a bug to me? Tyrants have a longer grab/pounce animation- And dont necessarily let go the moment they take damage. To get it to let go, you damn near need to kill the thing- And they have 2000 hp. The elite ones have 2750 hp.


Every other tyrant we encountered let go in a few shots. Trust me, we run into a lot of tyrants.


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