Tyrant health regen


I was wondering how much bars of health does the full 5 min health regen buff give on the monster? Also how many health points per second does it regen on hunters? (Since the regular health regen perk is 30 points per seconds).


It gives back 3 bars to a monster, but I do not know HPS on hunters :confused:


4 bars.

10 char


ಠ_ಠ Its 3 lad


I’m 70% it’s 5 bars. One bar per minute.


ye it’s 4 or 5 but I think I saw in @MaddCow video like he said it’s 4 bars. he tested it…

Maddcow could you confirm what is correct, please?


It depends on if it changed since initial release. I believe it was 4 bars. I might have to schedule a day to retest everything after the next huge title update and see where everything stands.


Too many, that’s the answer.


Macman said that with the new nerf in the next micropatch, it will only heal( if not interrupted) 2 bars only.



Hardly, its easy to deny the monster that route during a match. Hunters should just kill the elite tyrant whenever they see it and steal the perk.
Its real easy to counter since any smart monster is gonna be frugal with it and only use it when they need it so even if they do happen to see it they’re not gonna take it immediately unless they truly need it.

All it takes is the hunters running into that elite tyrant just once for that route to be closed off to the monster and he has to work with the health he currently has.


I was making a joke…


Well if you actually know the internet you would know that sarcasm is hard to get across through text since text does not have a tone of voice (or any voice for that matter).


Well it’s strange you gave a 2 paragraph reply to the words “too many” lol.


Its just how I am


So even if the monster has full armour and gets shot the health regen gets paused? And the timer continues to count down?


Correct. :smile:


Pretty much how it works. And that’s a good thing in my opinion.

Albinos are a crutch anyways.


Hahah well I’ve been doing it all wrong then


Always thought I could gift and get health back and technically break even :frowning: