Tyrant Health Regen Perk Rework


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"It’s quiet."
Cabot crept through the dense forest near the Fusion plant, passing the wreckage of a downed ship.
“I need you down here.”

As he passed a large pool, Cabot didn’t notice the white crest slinking through the water coming straight for him. The Tyrant reared, revealing itself and swung at Cabot with a monstrous claw. Cabot dodged to the right, catching the blow in the shoulder. The Tyrant attempted to bite him, but he swiftly drew his Marshall’ pistol and fired SuperMat rounds into the creature’s side. His HUD flashed bright red. He was suffering from internal bleeding from the bite. However, a well placed railgun round through the Tyrant’s frontal skullplate lobotomizes it. The Tyrant went down. Cabot sat down and began to tend his wounds, when he realized an abnormality; the albino Tyrant’s blood began to work as unrefined Regeneryst. His wounds healed, he meets up with the team to make their final stand at the Fusion Plant’s power relay.

#The Problem

The Monsters, if they receive the Tyrant buff, regenerates health. Therefore, this reduced the “Forward progress” of the hunters, and while this extremely benefits the Monster, the Hunter’s on the other hand simply regenerate their health as if they had the character select perk. No forward progress for the Monster is lost, as it does not remove anything that the Monster did, especially if the Medic is still alive

#The Proposed Solution

Make the Tyrant perk give a Hunter an increased health pool. This would not reset any strikes, per-say, but for the duration of the perk, the hunters could have, say, one to two strikes worth of excess health on them, which allows for the Hunters to at least have something a bit better than health regen like the Monster does, which makes them harder to kill. Which, to my understanding, is the point of the Tyrant perk; it makes the Monsters harder to kill by replacing their lost health for a set time. This way, the Hunters would replace any health lost by strikes for a set amount of time while not resetting any forward progress on the Monster’s end as it seems harder to get a strike than to chip away a Monster’s health. This way, the Monster keeps his strike on the Hunters, and the hunters get something a bit better than slow health regen.


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I’m not discounting the creativity you put into your idea there - was a good, short read - but I think that effectively the health regeneration perk works as an increased pool through its very operation already (but relies on skill as the hunter to ensure that of course).

Don’t quote me on this but I believe the health regen is being re-worked for TU9 anyway.

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I’m not on board for a variety of reasons.

Effectively removing all the Monster’s hard work. The way you’re looking at it is that this buffs them without removing forward progress but you’re not looking at it the right way.

If you’re shooting something with 100hp and get it down to 50hp, and it then equips an item that increases its health by 50%. It now has a maximum hp of 150 and it’s health is now 100. Just because you increased its maximum health doesn’t mean that you have made any progress. You’re back to square one where you then have to remove 100hp all over again.

Not to mention this effectively makes Hunters without strikes significantly harder to kill if not impossible. the way the new strike system works (if I’m correct) is you can have up to a total of 30% health loss from strikes. Now if this buff did what you suggest then for Hunters with no health loss with have 130% health and with one strike they’ll still have 115% health. They’ll only be back to square one when the buff is gone or if there is two strikes.
Either way, this is a straight buff to Hunters and not the buff. Why chase the Monster S1 when you can hunt down health regen and make a late S1 or early S2 dome significantly favored towards yourself?

You’re comparing two completely different aspects of gameplay. This is an asymmetrical game where both parties play completely differently, comparing those two aspects is just not do-able. Not to mention Hunters have healing capabilities while Monsters do not.

  • Monster

  • Very slow acting health regeneration that gives up to a maximum of two bars of health (I think)

  • Hunter

  • Slow acting health regeneration that can be coupled with a Medic and heals.

Monsters get no healing so this buff does in theory make them harder to kill but you have to understand a few things; for starters it’s not on every map, secondly Hunters can heal, and finally Hunters are significantly harder to kill when equipped with this perk.
Not to mention Hunters can significantly out-damage the perk, or even completely deny the perk making it nigh useless in combat unlike the Hunter equivalent.

Again see above, you’re removing the forward progress temporarily which is not okay. Furthermore you acknowledge that obtaining a strike is harder than achieving Monster health loss and yet a 30% health buff is okay?

Summary, no, so against this, why? Well for starters strikes are already hard to obtain, the strike penalty was decreased 5% recently and by the suggested change Hunters get up to a 30% health buff which with no strikes totals to 130% of health. In an asymmetrical game you cannot expect everything to be balanced but the way things currently are I feel are good enough given that Hunter’s health regen is far more effective than Monster’s health regen.
With HR medics can choose targets easier, heal the support that’s shooting from a distance while healing, or do you heal the person being focused? Health regen makes early Hunter’s jobs easier and it’s fine the way it is.

Final Note: Given that all Hunters will be given a passive health regen this is certainly not necessary in my book since being given health regen and a 30% buff would be absurd in my honest opinion.


That was really helpful! Thank you! Mods, we can close this now :bucketuav:


Well it’s a suggestion! You don’t have to close it just because I disagree, I’m sure others will agree and you can get input however if you really would like to close then that’s fine :slight_smile:


I think with the addition of automatic HR for Hunters, adding total health isn’t a bad idea. Obviously, adding two strikes worth is bad, but maybe 200 HP isn’t as bad. Enough to prolong your life and maybe cancel a really weak ability/couple melees, but not enough to really give a big advantage.


how about we just get rid of the health regen buff all together its not really needed. nice story btw


I actually like this idea quite a lot, your reasoning makes a lot of sense. As I’m sure others have said perks and buffs are getting a rework so it’s probably the kind of thing that would need to be looked at after that process to see if it’s still an interesting change.


should we change this to suggestions?


HP regen on a monster isn’t even op. Its recovers about one bar of health throughout its entire duration.

Its more op on hunters because a hunter can choose damage resistance perk and then in game go get the HP regen perk. Which makes them ridiculously hard to kill.

I do like the concept of a perk that gives you a slightly larger health pool though.


With how combos and abilities rotate in this game I think I’d fear hunters in combat with 130%hp more than I’d fear hunters with health regen. Regen is only frustrating because a hunter can break away and recover. If you’re focusing them in a fight though that doesn’t happen anyways, and focusing is basically exactly what monsters tend to do.


Tell that to a monster player on one bar of health before going into a final confrontation :wink:


well if the monster player over commits in battle or camps a body for 2 long and get punished with lots of health loss then that’s the monster fault for doing that. so if they have one bar of health left for the final well…monster should have been smarter. I do think the HR buff is monster favoured where as the other big buffs like DI and DR are balanced. by not having HR buff the monster doesn’t have a crutch to rely on also the monster can out damage the regen rate. the only thing I like about HR buff for hunters is if the monster is low health like 1 or 2 bars or less then the hunter know what the monster is going to do so head for the HR buff. ive found that this works 8/10 times


DR Is Hunter favored and damage increase is monster favored. Truth is the amount of damage hunters do is dependent on how long the hubters stay up. Damage increase makes it easier and quicker to down the hunters, reducing their damage and hard countering things like shields and healing where bursting matters. DR does the opposite.


Honestly I feel like the elite perks make it into hunt the shiny wildlife or else match. It’s been fairly common for hunters to let me evolve to stage two while hunting buff than try to stop me. This shows that in their opinion the buffs are more important.