Tyrant buff disappearing?


Stage 3 Behemoth on median, uses rock wall to eat an elite tyrant and Rick roll out of the fight. Eat a few more beasties, look up to realize that my buff has disappeared before I even got back a bar of health? Is Hemoth not allowed the Elite Tyrant buff?


He is. Is it possible you accidentally ate something other than the tyrant there before running or that one of the other beasts you ate after had a perk? That would cancel out the tyrant perk. If you have the mobile app then I highly recommend you check the replay to see what happened exactly.


No, because I didn’t have any other buff replace the Tyrant. I was buff less in the final fight.


Well it definitely shouldn’t work that way. Unless it took you 3+ minutes to get to the final fight, the buff should’ve stayed with you.


my mobile app hasn’t been showing replays since Evolve 2.0… does yours?


Nope XD it’s been screwy since I got about 60 hours in on evolve. It only updates once every like two weeks.


Well in that case I would have also gotten my 4 bars back, but nope.