Tyrant and Behemoth rework is still not out


Tyrants got removed from stage 2 and few weeks later behemoth as well when do they come back?


Totally not facetious reply as it’s actually accurate: When they’re ready. :slight_smile:

Check https://trello.com/b/D8JlQGll/evolve-stage-2-feature-bug-roadmap for the latest on where they’re at (if they’re on the board, not everything is public)


There are still some odd quirks too.

For instance My rock wall has been vanishing under ground on occasion i think and those holes. Oh those holes in the rockwall.

Rockwall is ok except for its kinda not a wall anymore. Its more of a slab (think Overwatches Mei’s ice wall) that loses sections when something alive is hit by it as it erupts.

I personally wouldn’t mind some width on it again.

But one of thw best parts of the bob rework so far? Is the traversal mechanics. Easy to get going. Great speed and you actually drop like a rock now when traversing off a cliff.