Typo on main site


I just noticed that in the list of previous challenges on the evolvegame.com site has the Wraith Voodoo challenge listed as Sunny Voodoo.

I Now See The Sunny Bug (On Evolvegame.com)

Haha same.

Maybe Sunny is Wraith in disguise.


The Samge goes for Behemoth’s Blood Rock challenge, it has Sunny listed.


Changed category to ‘general’ as it is not strictly a forum bug. :wink:


Also, here’s a screenshot of the typo’s just so people can see straight away.


Thanks, I never know where to report bugs for the official site, lol :slightly_smiling:


There is also the Sunny bloodrock skin :smiley:


I tend to go for ‘general’ as it is about evolve, but not the forum. It’s a bit of a tricky one. :smile:


I would love me some Sunny Skins… A voodoo one would be cool… Next challenge confirmed


When you scroll down to see other skins you will see it say “Sunny Blood Rock Skin”

Originally I thought that skin sounded sick…till I realized it was a Behemoth Challenge : /


Looks like Sunny is a virus. No one suspects a “happy-go-lucky” person


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