Typhon, subterranean monster


Name: Typhon

a serpent/centepede like creature that’s able to dig and possibly alter the terrain by making holes in the ground and possibly making thin areas of ground that act like pitfalls, I got the idea when I remembered of a very dangerous movie monster called a Graboid from Tremors but rather than having snake like apendeges in its mouth, it had a humanoid upper body that grabs someone and pulls them into the thick plating of its head, while the massive head looks like it’s massive, that’s just to protect the main head which is on the humanoid upper body that’s inside the serpent like body, as it evolves into stage 2, it gains 2 more big plates on its sides to reveal it to be a big pair of pincers that are used to attack hunters and prey alike, when it enters stage 3, the monsters humanoid upper body would get 2 more sets of arms for better grappling and it’s terrain altering skills would make holes big enough for hunters to enter, because of how it’s designed, it would be more for dealing damage through lightning fast strikes and burying them in the earth, it’s traversal skill allows it to enter the ground and remain hidden from certain animals (trapjaws being the only exception)

Skill 1: Eruption, this skill can only be used underground, it emerges from the earth with violent force under its target and grabs it, quickly pulling it underground where it can deal damage until freed by a teammate or if the victim is downed (incapacitated). P.S. if typhon is sneaking, it will exit sneak to use this skill.

Skill 2: Pitfall, makes a large pit under the spot designated for the skill, it can be used as a way to separate hunters from the group or to perform a sneak attack on wildlife that fall into the pit.

Skill 3: Cave-in, Typhon makes the tunnel it has made unstable so that if hunters are following it, the cave will collapse to either bury a hunter or to separate a hunter from the group, this skill can be used with Pitfall to make a hunter fall deeper into the ground after the cave collapses behind the hunter.

Skill 4: Hollow Decoy, Typhon sheads a life-like Husk of its body to lure hunters and other predators to the location into a possible trap, when the Husk breaks down, it releases a powder that has the same affect of tear gas, obscuring vision and making hunters and predators very loud through coughing and wheezing, making it harder to hear the creature coming.


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