TW's Drawing requests, Evolve and not


I’m getting back into drawing. HUZZZAH!
At the minute I don’t have a lot of motivation, however, if anyone would like a picture drawn, whether it’s related to Evolve or not, feel free to leave a request here or PM me.

Examples of how I’m probably going to draw things right now;

Kinda scruffy lines, but a little more “detail” including colours and not just dots for eyes, so to say.

Scruffy, shoddy black and white stuff. Might do it in colour if people wish.

Blargh! Come at me! (But don’t expect amazing professional stuff and much time spent on projects. :slight_smile:

To do:
Goliatterfly (Done)
Black cat with red scarf (Done)
Jack thing
Jack and Emet chillin’ (thinking of doing this with the above post to save time)
Specialists monsters (seperate project)


Is it possible for you to draw a Goliath or Daisy with Butterfly wings?


Eeeehh, maybe! I’m really awful at drawing Daisy and monsters. XD
The last time I drew goliath it was babby goliath

And the first time I drew over a picture of Goliath, don’t ask >_>;

I suppose I could see what I can do.


Draw a black cat with a red scarf. o3o please.


Anything with Jack please!


I mean you know the things I want >.> :stuck_out_tongue:


Jack and Emet being chill


#Do Gorgon as an (adult size) baby

If you successfully do it I will use it as my profile picture and will 'Stop calling Gorgon “Miley” for three days
Some inspiration.: its SFW just weird…


You’re a strange guy, Azmi. ^.-



God damnit charly… I have faith in you! you can do it!


I will do no such thing! :frowning:


Ok, just to let you know I will wait until you do do it.


I think we all can agree on that…sadly


Could you please draw a man wearing an officer’s cap waving his cape aside while taking aim with his pistol saying “I got this!”?
It’s from a fairly resent Paranoia session.


@Crowdalra since you’re up first can you just lemme know how you want it drawn? Like a little tidier or scruffy?


Draw a face of Goron, just you did with Behemoth’s Hi, my name is Bob picture :smiley: WITH the ‘My name is Miley’ emblem of course



The original tier 2 hunters fighting special infected from L4D! :slightly_smiling:


@Crowdalra request complete!