Two video/teaser ideas for introducing new hunters or monsters that mimics acctual gameplay


1: The currently newest monster is absolutely dominating 4 of the current characters. The hunters are at wits end, not knowing what to do. Suddenly off-screen, somebody fires their weapon or ability, although we don’t see who it is. Cue voice-line as the camera pans towards the four and they take it from there, proceeding to beat back the monster without making the 4 current ones seem less powerful than the current. This represents the lifecycle of evolve players and their playing. (Player jumps in as newblood chara, gets pubstomped, eventually learns the chara in and out, unlocks a new one to try out new tactics, and completely wipes the opposition out, Then they face a new threat, which means they have to learn that one too.)

2: The more teaser-like of the two; The monster is losing a battle, on it’s last legs. suddenly it rounds a corner and hides to lick its wounds. The hunters close in on it, causing the monster to freeze. And then they walk straight past. The monster begins to start laughing as they do this multiple times. About the third or fourth time however, the monster laughs too loudly, and hears a click as its eyes (or lack thereof) widen as one of the new hunter’s weapons pop in from the side without actually showing the character. (Mimics the tendency for monster players to suddenly hide in plain sight as hunters wander past them. And the player usually bursting out laughing.)