Two Trappers... No Medic

Ok. Pretty ridiculous big just now lol. Spawned in with no medic and two trappers with everyone coming off the dropship lmao. Pretty much doomed…
Then later when we (obviously) all died except support we spawned in together with the medic lmao. Crazy game.


That’s pretty funny, but please keep in mind that General is for General discussion. If you are referring to, or should I say reporting a bug, please use the Bugs Topic. Thanks.

Same thing happened to me this morning, but with two medics and no trapper lol

Think someone has to go idle or leave game during the dropship cinematic…
Could be wrong though!

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Dude dome into dome. The abuse is real.

Man I tried lol!!! The other trapper wouldn’t drop it!!!

Lol I guess I wasn’t really trying to report it so much as have a good laugh.

lol, I had a game with FOUR LAZARUSES.