Two Straight Months Of Player Base Growth on PC!


Just wanted to drop this here!

For 2 months the PC player base has increased, I know with Christmas it’s a bit skewed, but still.
Lets try to remember to be welcoming to new players, and try to help them.

Also try not to cheese too much, and run-away the players that are giving Evolve a 2nd shot!
Have fun out there everyone!



@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Playerbase thread?


I was wondering that myself.
Thread is for concerns, sorry if this is out of place.


Seems fine here to me, it’s not the same discussion add the other player base thread.

I noted it too btw, the change in trend. It’s encouraging that the game is encouraging people in at it’s sale price, and trs say they have more planned to increase player numbers so long may it continue on this line!


What Niaccurshi said, the other thread is about writing concerns and sharing ideas on how to increase the playerbase.

This one is to celebrate how much the playerbase has increase so far, so let’s celebrate!!! :blush:


What u mean by cheese too much?


EDIT thought this was a different post, don’t want to clog this with complaints!

I just mean spamming the frustration teams, like Sunny, Val, and Jack/Griffin over and over again.

I have hundreds of hours in this game, and yet there is ONE single team I keep getting that makes me want to quit playing all together, because that is all they do…There is 0 fun.

But there are plenty of threads complaining about those teams, no need to clog this up, this post should be positive :smiley:


I thought u meant cheese with a different definition


Should be highlighted that it’s PC based post as console player bases appear at lowest ever.

Reinstalled for PS4 since removing day after Gorgon release. Couldn’t get a match as monster in ranked, could only get match in progress joining in skirmish vs low level players who quit after single strike in game modes I never wanted to play like defend.

Game was deleted from console in less than an hour, never thought I could feel that low playing this, but there you go :frowning:


Do u want something to drink to ease the pain?


We’ll never know what is happening with the console payer bases, so naturally this thread is only going to be about pc :smile:


That level of assumption is a good example of why newcomers rarely use these forums, new console players may not understand such ‘natural’ assumptions.

As a Leader you should perhaps consider that… :smiley:


I’ve clarified the post title even though the op was explicit about it being pc :wink:


#Glorious PC Master Race


What was going on in September? Super high numbers.


In September, Evolve did a free weekend, and dropped Jack DLC


Just to verify I’m reading this right. 1500+ players this month right??


Bruh! Screw your Mustard Race! SeXbox and, I suppose, Gheystation FTW!!!

But yeah finding matches should definitely feel faster.

It’ll make working on my Masteries easier for me so that’s a plus…


Better to clarify via the thread title than the opening post text once in the thread… :wink: