Two really annoying bugs (Sunny Yellow Screen, Hank Can't Orbital) [Logged]

So theres this first bug, that I don’t even know how to describe… Sunny bug here

And the second bug is a Hank bug, which probably lost me the game… Hank bug here

The Sunny bug has been going on since two months ago, while this Hank one has just started. They’re really annoying and loosing me games. I can fix the Sunny bug temporarily by using the “Take a break” option, and then its right back to the multi-screen light show.

Im using an Xbox One in the Preview Program as well.

What’s the point of the thread if you’re unable to give us any detail at all?

What details did you want?

What the bug is

What are the bugs? Saying that there are bugs but not telling us what the bugs are helps no one. How is TRS supposed to find and fix that?

He linked some videos.

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I linked them cause I couldn’t describe the Sunny one, and I think the devs would prefer a vid over crappy descriptions

Ah, ok, I didn’t see those. The flashing big for Sunny has been reported a lot. I’m not sure what you saying the bug for the Hank video is though? We’re you unable to call an orbital?


I am not sure what the bug was in the Hank vid. Can you clarify?

i think he couldn t shoot the orbital

The hank one wouldn’t let me deploy the orbital. The whole time i had it out i couldn’t use it.

If you don’t mind, I changed your title to better reflect what’s going on here. I also added that these were logged, since, well, they are. If you’d like me to change it back for whatever reason, just let me know. :blush:

Also, welcome to the forums!

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That’s cool! But what’s the Logged mean?

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These issues have been seen by the TRS Developers and are either currently being worked on, have already been fixed and are waiting for the next patch, or they are going to work on them. It basically just means that they have already acknowledged that these bugs exist, and that they are going to or already have taken the time to fix them.

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