Two new bugs I've not seen before 2.08


So had 2 new bugs I’ve never seen, one was a total stop in match on two separate games, the other was a long coded driver error ( may be my side, is there a known amd bug anyone else is aware of?)


Like the video on this thread?


Similar but worse everyone froze chat didn’t work and every player was kinda bobbing up and down and sliding


did u also get ‘connection to host got rekt’ message?


No just ended up back at matchmaking no messages but never lost either, been happening on a few games for me though today


Sounds like the server crashed. I haven’t seen one of those in a while but I get that connection failed error quite often where it boots everyone from the game.


Yeah I never really saw it at all maybe be one or two times but like I said seemed bad today and yesterday


Last night just as a game was starting Evolve crashed to desktop with no error. I think that might be a new one. It happened just as the screen was changing from loading to the pre-game screen.


That’s what I get unless I’m streaming to laptop then I get a flash of the dx something error but it vanishes to fast.
I updated my drivers to beta version today ( amd) and so far the crash/dx error is gone bit I have still had the random server drops still