Two Monsters


Matchmaking and lobbies are incredibly buggy at times. This was a new one though for me.

I was able to voice chat with the other Kraken. Unfortunately my ShadowPlay didn’t record any audio for some reason. Gameplay at 1:30, Video begins at start of queue to show I had no control over anything — and was about to quit at one point when I couldn’t select a character… glad I stuck around!

Multiplying Hunters (Abuseable)
Woaaah, Double Wraith all the way!
Can this game support two player controlled monsters in one match?

Turtle Rock PLZ Lol,
Now we just need 12v3.


Here I was thinking I was cool with my two Markov video. You just had to show up with this crazy cool bug lol.


…This is the best bug I’ve ever seen.
Why can’t this sort of thing happen to me?! ;3;


I want this to happen SO BAD ARGH


12v3. Do it.


omg lol…did the hunters win. that would be an excellent challenge accepted hahaha


2 monsters vs 6 hunters in a big map as dlc?
not bad :).


A steam thread I created long ago that out of nowhere got bumped prompted me to search this again.

Never tried to replicate this as I figured it was just a random server glitch – which were numerous at the time it happened. You can see everything that happened leading up to this occurrence – it was my first game after starting up the client.

Some additional relevant info:
We were able to voice chat to each other
He had reported I did damage to him around the 2:07 mark.


Yup my friend showed me a video of this happening to him too