Two monsters vs six hunters


Evolve has shown use two gifs one with kraken’s lightning and Goliath’s leap smash.Then they showed use a gif with all six female hunters. What are your thoughts.


that they made gifs for funsies because it was international womens day and there was a storm named Goliath?


Their wrath will come now… Run while u still have the chance


I think nothing will come of it.


They got a lot of time on there hands if they are making all those gifs, those are my thoughts


Evolve was balanced around a 4v1 scenario so this wouldn’t work.

Although, in a few years if TRS is getting ready to ditch evolve 100% I wouldn’t mind if they gave us a 2v8 arena mode to screw around with. That would be fun as hell.


Almost missed that :stuck_out_tongue:


Even though they’re getting ready to work on a new game they still have long term plans for evolve so they won’t be ditching everyone anytime soon.


I’ve got one word for you


They were not a tease/glimpse/peek or anything else along those lines.
They were fun gifs made for social media purposes for real life events.

@The_Specialist, just because someone spent maybe 20 minutes tops putting those gifs together, doesn’t mean that everyone at the studio has free time.


Okay :thumbsup:


This is more true than you can fathom.