Two minor criticisms after watching Interactive Trailer again (ok 50th time)


So I’m sure a lot of what we see in that trailer is subject to change and honestly, almost all of it looked great and beyond my expectations for this game.

  1. Glowing footprints: Not a fan of how obvious they are. Now obviously I have not played it so maybe the game was too slow paced without glowing footprints but I just didn’t care for the visual at all. It was too obvious and didn’t feel like tracking a monster, it looked like a neon sign saying “THIS WAY >>>>>”. I’d personally prefer if only trapper could see them like this or had an ability to highlight footprints. Otherwise it’s just too easy to “pick up the trail”. Again, I haven’t played it and maybe Turtle Rock doesn’t wish to go this in depth with the “hunting” aspect.

  2. Support’s laser beam. This one is less subjective tbh. It is the most annoying sound effect and really grates on the ears. Even when I’m not watching from support’s PoV, I cringe every time I hear it and if I were that support, I’d just not use the gun because of how obnoxious the sound is. Minor complaint to be sure, but I really hope this sound effect gets some kind of tuning. Maybe lower the pitch a fair bit, so it’s more of a deep hum, instead of a really high pitched whine.

Still looking forward to this game, it’s already my GotY. Loved L4D to death and this looks even better honestly. But would love to hear what others have to say on these points.

And just to reiterate one more time: I realize my first point is subjective and that I haven’t played it. So keep in mind I’m not trying to assert that “I know best”, these are just my initial thoughts after studying nearly every second of the trailer. :smile:

EDIT: Not really sure why it’s formatting my simple “1. 2.” like that. I just manually typed it. Weird.


I’ve played Evolve myself, and I think the reason for the glowing footprints is to keep the hunters up with the monster. If they weren’t easy to spot, the “hunt” would be too slow and the monster would be given extra time to eat and evolve.

I agree with the laser sound though. In the earliest gameplay videos revealed the gun didn’t fire as a beam but rather as a repetitive blaster (kind of). I much prefer it as it’s shown in the cinematic trailer


Yea, I kind of figured the glowing footprints were put in for pacing reasons. As you said, it keeps the action moving forwards by making it so the hunters don’t spend a ton of time wandering around. I’m fine with it overall, it’s just a personal preference thing but I totally understand why they are in.

Laser sound is just plain annoying though, haha.


If you listen to it in the cinematic trailer it sounds a lot better in my opinion


I think the footprint glows are only for the trapper, not the other hunters (i could be wrong). I’m sure they will have a ‘realism mode’ where glows are disabled, for the hunters at least.


Everyone can see them glow


If there is no realism mode at launch, maybe the non-glowing footprints can be a “Mutation,” like in L4D2, to see if the community approves.


I definitely think there’ll be some sort of advanced mode, hopefully it’ll go something like this:

  • limited HUD
  • no footprint glows
  • hunters start not knowing the monster
  • no perks
  • limited powerups
  • more dangerous wildlife
  • extended respawn
  • harsher weather


@Plaff Hell yeah, I’m all about this :smiley:


A “realism” mode similar to L4D2 would be awesome.


Great feedback!

Yeah, we tried it very early on. The footprints where really hard to spot for the hunters without the glow and made it incredibly hard for the hunters to find the monster. Monsters would just run through the underbrush and water and you’d never see the footprints. It made for an incredibly frustrating experience for the hunters.

Realism mode is an interesting idea for sure.

This is the first I’ve heard anyone complain about the laser cutter audio. I’ll ask around the studio and see what the team thinks.

Thanks Guys!


Will different sorts of tracks appear for different kinds of monsters? e.g snake or insect?


Yes, each monster leaves unique tracks.


Also I would like to note, no offense to anybody else’s opinion, that I actually really like the Support’s laser sound. It kind of has that “weapon overheating” vibe to it. But I can understand how its high-pitched-ness could be irritating to some.


No need to apologise for having a different opinion, man. I’m not against the noise it makes, but I definitely much prefer the original


Honestly I do like the cutting sound, in terms of style. It’s just that in the YouTube video it’s so high pitched that it becomes cringe inducing. If the pitch were just lowered a bit, I’d totally be fine with it.

@SlabOMeat: Yea, that makes sense. The map does look pretty large and no glow would probably make it too hard/frustrating.


I agree that out of context those footprints can look pretty bright, but one thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet in this thread is the Sneak ability. When the Monster is sneaking he makes no footprints and can creep by birds without scaring them. One round I played comes to mind where the Monster did a whole lot of sneaking and was extremely difficult to find. That’s where a really skilled Trapper comes in.

It also depends on the personality of the Monster player, even giant beastly Goliath can be played stealthy assassin style instead of all in your face and smashy.

Just think, you’re following some footprints, you’ve seen scared birds and you think you’re obviously on the right track…the tracks disappear and you keep following the direction they had been going. Your support has fallen behind a little thinking he heard something when suddenly he’s pounced. Sneaking Goliath looped back around and ambushed you, his glowing footprints leading you directly into his trap.

I think when you get a chance to play a little bit you might rethink your request for “realism mode” :wink:


I still like the idea of only the trapper seeing the tracks. While reading somewhere, I read that the trapper is the one whose relied upon to track down the monster. The only tool Griffin has to actually “track” was the sound spike, which I didn’t even see get used (I saw one placed but that was it, don’t remember it going off). So in the video, the trapper showed no better tracking skills than the others. I want the trapper to fill more of a tracking role than the other three can.


This a good point. Since the footprints are so visible you could probably rely on them as a misdirect when you are Goliath. And since the footprints are easy to see you won’t have to worry about the hunters missing your carefully laid trap.


There’s other trappers as well remember, I’m sure others will have different tracking tools that are more useful than the sound spike