TWO MEDICS!? Video Included


Hi guys just came across this on the PS4. It was supposed to be Caira, Hank, Crow and Markov.

Someone died midway through to wildlife or something, I didn’t get to see but when they came back and I confronted them Hank was missing and was replaced with a second Caira. Luckily they were either just as confused as I was or just bad as I was able to finish them off with ease.

Had it been two competent players I don’t think I could have taken out two Cairas! Anybody else experience this glitch?


All the typos…


Counter to double monsters found !


Well son you just got the medal for doing the hardest shit ever. Killing two Cairas in one match.


I didn’t even notice it till after I downed the first one. I have a bit of trouble sometimes telling green and blue apart so I thought I was just seeing it wrong. Then I fully killed the first and it said “medic is dead” I got really confused because the medic was still firing healing grenades above me.


I have fought double Laz, and that is a trial in pain, I was beaten because I didn’t realize until it was too late, and all my effort and loss to remove one Laz under mortar fire was undone


yea you were pretty lucky with nealy full health and dmg buff, lucky you!!!


Double Cairas… I’m still waiting for the Double Laz OP post…


Holy shit that audio


Try fighting 4 sunnys


Yeah its not the best video. Its uploaded from my ps4. I need to find my flash drive so I can fix it but meh.


I just thought it was funny.


I thought Crow was kinda funny “Wow, fire breathe” was classic.

rewatching that just now I realize how bad I was playing too. :confused:


Or killing two Goliath’s in one match.


Go kill two Krakens in one match with a terrible Trapper and two bots. :wink: Then come back and talk.


You did that? Or are you just challenging me? -.-


I did it. The Monster players weren’t stellar, but they weren’t bad either. I won by cheesing the timer.

I refuse to taker a loss to my record because of a bug. :smiley:


cool story bro