Two Headed Rock Thingy


So um… Behemoth originally had two heads, @MacMan? @SlabOMeat? Is this legit?

Also, this.

Behemoth’s original design, under the name “Rocky”. Basically he processed the calcium from the bones of the creatures he ate and excreted it, forming large calcium tumors and stalactites on his body. These served as armor, weapons, and a home for symbiotic bat creatures he could control.


Yep. Those are legit.


That’s seriously awesome.


Looks awesome, can’t argue with the end result Behemoth is a beast. Though playing as a two headed anything in games is a gnarly prospect.


Thanks for confirming, we were bullying him about it.


Meany, you guys thought I was trolling. >.>


Not me… I didn’t mind either way. ^.^


I never said that.


The bottom picture…That’s terrifying oh my lawd


He’s telling lies about us Rose!


Why do concept pieces always look cooler than the actual…

Dont get me wrong I lov behemoth but… dayum that rocky


“I’m not a baby, I’m a tumor!”


It hurts. Why did he betray us?


I don’t know. Why Tate?!


@SlabOMeat a quick question about Behemoth’s current state, I just played a few matches as him and he seemed to be take a great deal LESS damage than before, a Mammoth bird only did 1 bar of armor instead of all of it. I was wondering if there a was a ghost mini patch that slightly fixed him or am I being delusional?


Yeah, I noticed that his health isn’t diminishing quite as quickly now. Then again, it didn’t before for me anyways. :sunglasses:


Mmmm. nothing went out since 2.0 far as I know.


Hm. Okay. It just doesn’t seem like he’s dying all that quickly anymore. Odd.


The only reason I noticed this was because I was playing as Wraith and got hit by a Mammoth Bird (OP pls nerf) and had only 1 bar of armor go away.


Um… Wraith?