Two Friends' Accounts Reset (XB1)


So two of my friends on XBL got their Evolve accounts reset. One of them lost 5 levels, the other lost about 24. Wondering if anybody else has experienced this, or if anybody knows how to get that progress back. Makes me scared that one day I’ll log in and lose all my progress, too O.O


Yup, it’s a known server issue with 2K. They’re working on a fix. Check this link: Do you have XBox Loss of Levels/Progress?


It is a known problem with 2K’s data servers. They are working on a fix right now! Thanks for reporting it!

@TheMountainThatRoars , you are quite the ninja today. Well met!


Thank you very much for the speedy reply! I’m glad that they know about it and that something is being done : )


Trying to help out in between matches. :slight_smile: