Two: Caira's Story


I do not know if calling a plant giant anus implies that bucket is as sophisticated as a normal person wink


Okay, Interesting.


Any chance it would involve a cantina with tinny music playing in the background? stuck_out_tongue


Don't ask me lol.


New Calico=Future DLC map.


Actually, no. New Calico is one of the Defend maps. You can see it in the TRS stream video. And yes, I mean the TRS one, not the 2K one. 2K has done Salveron Industries and King's Fort so far, but they haven't had a run at New Calico. It appears to be the Forest Biome Defense, as they go to it from Refueling Tower.


This is what in the metre system? ;o


About 2.67 m


Thank you! smile


sorry I had to break the 69 posts record. Nice story.


Awesome! I haven't been this excited over fiction in a long time. After 200 hours in the game, drooling over every little tidbit of info that you get randomly, this is like three chocolate cakes jammed with crystal meth. Moremoremore! You HAVE TO write this up as a full novel. I need to know everything about this new universe! Evolve the game is so good, and this story is going to be better. Thanks, Matt, for putting the words together so well.


And for the record, I think Hank's the REAL spy for CIG9. Val's the distraction....


This might sound dumb but I'm going to ask anyway, is this real? (its fantastic!) or is it fan fiction?


It's done by the actual Writer for the game.

So, yeah. It's canon.


REALLY?! I can't, believe I just...I..I love evolve so much ~sob~..I just ~fan-gasm~ >o<


You read the others?


I'm surprised @moiser hasn't posted in this thread. Really surprised, Caira I didn't think caira could be so ignorant. "Why does it talk?" Bucket should have given her the 3 hand slap.


Oh don't worry, I have already read this a long time ago and I love it :smile:

Oh and I would have slapped Bucket if he did that D:


Caira's so mean to robots....